Health Dangers of Having a Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth is not about just teeth or is something that not only just affects your smile but also your looks. It can turn your smile into a frown. It can change your personality and stop being yourself. A Misaligned Teeth set of teeth keeps a deep effect on one’s confidence.

Any person having crooked teeth must be aware that there are other many health problems they may face due to crooked teeth which can cause problems for them to focus on life goals.

When one thinks about the impact of Misaligned Teeth, one of the first few things that comes to one’s mind is an unpleasant tooth and physical appearance and how this can affect a person’s self-esteem. Most of these people seek help and get their teeth fixed. What they do not know about are the health dangers that one can face because of their crooked teeth other than oral hygiene and physical appearance.

Prone to gum disease

When one has crooked teeth, it is more common for them to have gum disease and that is because it becomes more difficult to clean between teeth. As a result, the plaque that remains uncleaned builds up bacteria to multiply. Crooked teeth give these bacteria the opportunity to grow and damage the gums. Gums become red and bleeding becomes very easy even while brushing. Crooked or misaligned teeth have more space to hide and are very difficult to reach for cleaning. This increases gingival inflammation, bone loss, or gums recession.

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Difficult to clean teeth

Flossing is important but needs proper instructions to continue doing daily and with crooked teeth, it becomes more challenging to get between tight spaces or difficult areas. The same is with toothbrushes which means keeping your teeth clean is not going to be easy with those crooked teeth. Toothbrush and floss together cannot reach those nooks and corners. And this unhygienic condition may lead to other problems you may face in the future.

Crooked teeth wear out faster

If any of your bottom or upper teeth are crooked or not in their correct place it affects the opposite tooth. It may rub with others and cause damage to other teeth. Even if it is not a problem now but in the future, it could cause tooth decay or even tooth loss. When rubbed together while eating food these crowded teeth may wear out soon with time. Minor cracks may often cause cavities to build. These minor cracks can often be repaired using a filling, but more serious injuries may require a root canal, crown, or dental implant.

Chewing issues

Many people have crooked teeth due to a misaligned jaw. In such case, the upper and lower teeth protrude which causes problems in chewing food. Teeth often rub together in this condition. Chewing becomes difficult and people may gulp up food that could cause choking or digestion issues.

Bad breath

As discussed before misaligned teeth give more space to bacteria to grow and multiply. It not uncommon that a person with crooked teeth also has bad breath. It gets very hard to get all those bacteria out and that could end up with bad breath that not only lowers your confidence but affects your personality. You can use mouthwash to combat bad breath but getting your teeth fixed could be a permanent solution. Although after brushing you may feel that your mouth is fresh but bad breath still remains until your teeth are properly and deeply cleaned.

Increased risk of broken teeth

When teeth are crooked it puts more stress on the jaw and other teeth while chewing food. This excess pressure may cause cracks or damage to other teeth. They may lead to further problems like damaged or tooth breakage. Hence it is beneficial to have your crooked teeth fixed by Braces in Surrey before you end up with more problems.

Other Health disease

This might come to you as a surprise but having misaligned teeth not just affects your confidence and self-esteem but have other deeper and more dangerous health problems. The bacteria that grow between your crooked teeth may get into your bloodstream and causes problems with heart valves. This issue is still under debate. Bad breath is well discussed before. Gums disease is very common. Bleeding gums may lead to gums recession that will cause teeth loss in the long term period. Gingivitis is a gum disease that is very common in with people crooked teeth. People with diabetes are also at higher risk of more bleeding gums. Bad oral hygiene will cause you an unpleasant day and lowers your confidence. It can affect maintaining blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

Low self-esteem

Your smile is a major part of your personality and your confidence. It’s just not how you look but how you are as a person. And when one has crooked teeth and has its following conditions like bad breath this may shatter your confidence level in any aspect of your life. And anything that affects your personality also plays a large role in your mental health.


Now that we have discussed all the problems that may occur with a person having misaligned or crooked teeth and all the health risks that one may face, one may consider treating and getting their teeth aligned before time. One has all the right to smile with confidence and without worrying about bad breath. Braces in Surrey are one of the best options one can choose to get their teeth fixed.

In order to prevent the symptoms and complications related to poor oral health, it is very important to maintain a good oral health routine and visit your dentist regularly. Dentists at Braces in Surrey can help find solutions to any issues you are having while keeping your teeth and gums healthy. There are many options and solutions to misaligned or crooked teeth nowadays and one can get it easily just by consulting a good dentist and opting for a solution on time.