HyunA is updating her fans with a new tattoo on her back

On the 30th of January the singer shared an image on her Instagram with her new tattoo. In her post, she asked her followers “Should I color it in or not?”

HyunA showcased the “ignorant style” tattoo drawn with a doodle style. She made”DDASA, “DDASA” (meaning “warm”) and “KEEM” (which is her name as her last) in a humorous way.

The day before she also posted additional pictures that provided an update of her day.

Many of them shared their opinion on HyunA’s latest tattoo when they responded to her query about whether or not to complete the tattoo using colors or not. The fans wrote “Maybe you should enjoy that simple, clean style a little bit more and then fill it in later. Because once you fill it in, you can’t go back,” “I feel like yes but then no because the words might not stick out as much,” and “I suggest you not color it, because it’s beautiful when it appears clear like that! ”

In the meantime, HyunA dated Dawn and maintained their relationship throughout six years. However, they surprised a lot of fans by announcing that they had broken up apart in November. Even after their split, HyunA and Dawn continue to show their support to one another on social media.


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