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Our Team

A.W Rexford

Contributor - Writer

A.W Rexford is a contributor at Flu Magazine, where A.W Rexford contributes towards writing and content development, including health, and food & nutrition. They like to different hobbies here, travel and read in their free time.

Ethan John

Contributor - Writer

Ethan John is a contributor at Flu Magazine, where Ethan John contributes to different departments, which includes technology, and gadgets. Ethan John also contributes to writing and content development at Flue Magazine. They enjoy...

Gianna Jun

Contributor - Writer

Gianna Jun has worked with big brands such as, exhibits at online awards, won best writer awards, and researcher, among other distinctions in the field. Gianna helps any target employer’s industry (e.g. marketing agencies, IT etc.) to reach...


Lincoln Pilcher


When Lincoln Pilcher works as a contributing writer at Flue Magazine, he/she contributes to a variety of departments, including finance and business. Any target employer's sector may benefit from Lincoln Pilcher to achieve their marketing criteria...

Ari Milan


Among other achievements in the area, Ari Milan has collaborated with Flue Magazine for quite some time. Ari also contributes to the creation and development of material for Flue Magazine's website. Their free time is spent participating in a range...

Dominic Wright


Dominic Wright formerly worked in print media. And recently works hard to contribute to Flue Magazine. Dominic Wright is a discipline student of mass communication. Dominic Wright contributes into many divisions at Flue Magazine, including digital...


Sarah Aurora

News Reporter

With BA and MA in Film and Television, Sarah Aurora is a freelance Entertainment Journalist. She loves being up to date on the latest celebrity news. Despite the fact that she is from UK, he keeps up with the world's biggest stars.

Emmett Bunt


Emmett Bunt is a journalist who has spent 5 yearscovering entertainment news and breaking events. He's written for Flue Magazine, and other websites. Celebrities and television are two of Emmett’s favorite subjects. He spends his free time reading...

Nathaniel Lavi

SEO Person - Manager

Nathaniel Lavi has been in the SEO industry for more than a decade. He has been know getting targeted leads for entertainment and showbiz successfully. And he is known to work with many big brands and Flue Magazine. He loves...


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